L5 數量不定代名詞 文法題庫

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考卷名稱.: L5 數量不定代名詞 文法題庫
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( )1.My bike was broken last week. Yesterday my dad bought me a new ________.        (16)
(4)the other
( )2.________ of the books are old. I need to throw ________ away.        (39)
(3)Some; them 
(4)Some; ones 
( )3.________ of the salad in the supermarket isn’t cheap.        (44)
( )4.________ of the fruit is expensive.        (11)
( )5.________ of Ken’s parents work in the hospital.        (15)
( )6.Some of the students ________ dancing after school.        (27)
(1)to practice
( )7.Not all of the foreign teachers here come from the USA. Only ________ do.        (26)
(1)each of them 
(2)much of them 
(3)both of them 
(4)some of them
( )8.Richard: How is the food made?Clerk: ________ of the food is handmade(手工的).        (18)
( )9.________ of his feet got hurt when he played basketball yesterday.        (3)
( )10.Mr. Lai: Your son’s picture is great! Did you draw for him?John: No, he drew it _______ all night yesterday.       (48)
( )11.Most of ________ in this store taste delicious, but I don’t buy them very often.        (13)
(2)the cookie 
(3)the cookies
( )12.________ of the cups is blue. This color is my favorite.        (10)
( )13.Hilda likes collecting coffee cups from foreign countries, but she likes the ________ with colorful birds on them most. She usually drinks coffee with them.        (49)
( )14.Both of Bill’s sisters ________ the MRT to work.        (5)
(3)to take 
( )15.I will invite ________ of my friends for dinner on New Year’s Eve.        (1)
( )16.All of the strawberries here ________ very fresh, so the strawberry pie is delicious.        (8)
( )17.All of my friends ________ good at playing video games.        (34)
( )18.________ of the students in our school has to get into their classroom at 7 every morning.        (24)
( )19.I know only ________ of the guys over there; the others are strangers(陌生人)to me.        (6)
( )20.One of the boys in our class ________ from the USA.        (43)
(2)to come

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