L5 數量不定代名詞 文法題庫

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考卷名稱.: L5 數量不定代名詞 文法題庫
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( )1.________ of the tea is expensive. Let’s not spend our money here.        (46)
( )2.All of my friends ________ good at playing video games.        (34)
( )3.All of the water ________ dirty. Don’t drink it.        (9)
( )4.One of ________ wants to be an engineer.        (21)
(3)the student 
( )5.Not all of the foreign teachers here come from the USA. Only ________ do.        (26)
(1)each of them 
(2)much of them 
(3)both of them 
(4)some of them
( )6.I love the black gloves more than the white ________.        (45)
( )7.To keep healthy, ________ of my parents usually go mountain-climbing on weekends.        (25)
( )8.One of the boys ________ to be an actor.        (14)
(1)to want
( )9.There are two cats in the park. The white ________ is bigger.        (32)
( )10.There are trees and flowers on ________ sides of the river. I like to take a walk there.        (17)
( )11.Most of the fish at UNeed Mart ________ more expensive. Let’s go to another supermarket.        (50)
( )12.________ of the students in my class play basketball.        (20)
( )13.Most of ________ in this store taste delicious, but I don’t buy them very often.        (13)
(3)the cookie 
(4)the cookies
( )14.Much of the water in the river ________ clean.        (29)
( )15.________ of my students go to the gym to play basketball every afternoon.        (12)
(2)A little 
( )16.I will invite ________ of my friends for dinner on New Year’s Eve.        (1)
( )17.One of the boys in our class ________ from the USA.        (43)
(2)to come
( )18.________ of the books are old. I need to throw ________ away.        (39)
(3)Some; them 
(4)Some; ones 
( )19.________ of the food in the restaurant ________ delicious.        (41)
( )20.Some of the students ________ dancing after school.        (27)
(1)to practice

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